Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Happiness is never stopping to think if you are."
Palmer Sondreal


  1. Lonely paths and mystifying thoughts
    A Search for ends with no real
    Happiness and joys as faces of hearts
    Life is the truth sliced in time's parts

    The picture is brilliant..

    Hmm two movies..Gosh!
    BTW I watched james too...Liked it.

    I am not much of a tamil movie fan bcz I dont understand Tamil that well:-(

    Wish I could...

    Hmm..Did you burst a lot of crackers for Diwali?

    Smiles etc.,


  2. BTW,

    For you:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  3. Do u write poems just like that? Do words just flow through you?
    I am spell bounded...I envy people like Menon and You, who are at ease consistently writing poems of high creative quality.

    Crackers? Left that habit loooong back during my school years.

    I wish the amount spent by people on bursting crackers, is spent on something useful, than just polluting the air with noise and smoke. It in a sense, my personal view though, clearly exposes the collective selfishness in people.

    A house lit with serene lights is more appropriate and welcoming than one with burnt paper in front of it.

  4. arun, first time here... came from smyta's blog... went through some of ur pics and to say the least, the pics are awesome with the one-liners u have written...

  5. Karthik,
    Thanks for stopping by...
    Enjoy your visits....

    BTW, there are not my one-liners... namakku andha alavuellam budhi illa...
    due credit, whoever said it, is given just below the one-liners...

    The pictures are not mine, so are the thoughts...i just piece them together...