Sunday, November 27, 2005

"Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kisse on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun."

Robert Herrick, "To Anthea (III)"


  1. good one arun... while i was reading the quote i was reminded of the small math magics we used to play when we were kids (like take any number, add 50, multiply by 2, etc., and finally u would tell what the final answer is!!)...

  2. :-))Sweetttt:-))

    Nice one arun!

    A fairy I am but feeling so sad
    As I am still bereft of that bliss
    Longing for a moment I never had
    Wondering what is afterall a kiss

    See the mountains raise upto the sky
    Locking themselves in a kiss to seal
    The rocks are kissed by tides so high
    Making the sea-shore to blush and feel

    Look at the bee kissing the flower
    As the sunlights kiss the earth below
    As the moments embrace each passing hour
    And the moonbeams seem to kiss all aglow

    What are all these kisses worth for
    If you have never kissed me before?

    PS: Ur posts inspire poetry in me:-))Thanks!

  3. Karthik,
    This is one of the games people play ;-)... Just that there is no subtraction or division... and always the final answer is a moment to cherish & remember...

    I am honored to have your poem on my blog... I am awestruck by the way you come up with such beautiful poems with phenomenal ease... I too write poems, but then in Tamil.
    Just want a share one here... I hope you can understand it. Its on the topic “Valayal” (Bangles)


    paavi manithan kaal vaazhnaal thandanum,
    aanaal pirapilayae jodi serum yogiyam unakku;

    kuzhanthaiyin thrishti pottukku pin arangaerum aavanam nee,
    ennavalin shrishtiyai thottu thottu paavam seivathum athae nee; (Grrrr....)

    vaayadi pennidamum, oomai pennidam mattum athigam pesugirai,
    matravargalidam siru punnagai, mellisai paechu;

    mazhalai manam unakku; ungal kannadi vudal ondrum maraikathu;
    niram poosi nadipathellam manithar gunangal;

    maanudam vida mudhirchi petra inam neengal,
    ingu thaniyae sirikkum manithar vundu; ummul illai;

    ungal mudhirchi ariya pengal, innum 'sati'yai niravaetrukirargal,
    ummul oruvar odinthalum, matra oruvarai uyirudan puthaikirargal.

  4. Arun:

    :-( Me sulking!

    I dont understand that much tamil...I know t is my other tongue but I am a little less exposed to it:-(

    it is like killing a poem if I ask u toexplain it out to me..So what I will do is, I will independently find out the meaning and post it here:-)

    Smiles etc.,


  5. Arun, that was a good poem on valayal.... why don't u post some of ur creations in ur blog regularly?

  6. Smyta,
    That’s nice of you to propose to post the meaning. Save the effort yaar. I would like to post the meaning myself, but I feel it won’t have the nuances that are associated with the language.

    Thank you...
    I have a very small collection of kavidhais (if one may call them). I definitely would like to post those. But I don’t think it would be appropriate to include it in this blog. May be I need to create another blog to share my creations, opinions & interests. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion.

  7. hmmm.... now why is it that i always knew that you were a poet?

    and while i completely agree about nuances, may i urge you to attempt a transliteration.... you might just be surprised at the outcome. looking forward already saar :o)

  8. Smyta & Menon,

    I have tried to put in my best possible english...

    Don't know how good it has come out...


    Sinned humans have to wait a quarter of their life,
    But, you have the unique privilege of getting paired at birth;

    You are the next immediate to thristi mark to adorn a baby,
    It is the very same you, who sin by touching my girl; (Grrr....)

    You talk the maximum towards the talkative and dumb* girls,
    Light smile and sweet talk towards the rest;

    You are a child at heart; your body of glass does not hide anything,
    To have secrets & shades are human characteristics.

    You are much more matured and civilized than the humans,
    There are some people here who laugh without company; none in yours;

    Not knowing your maturated and civilized nature, Women still force “Sati” on you,
    Even if only one among you break apart, another one is buried alive.

    * ‘dumb’ as in deaf & dumb. Since dumb in English has a different connotation too, I thought it would be best to clarify.

  9. Brilliant one:-))

    Wow I had got to half of ur poem...
    I wld start insisting for more :D

    Smiles etc.,


  10. thanks arun, really super!

    now, how about tinkering around with the words and sentences - stretch it out, so to say, transliterate rather than translate..... there's magic in your verse!