Monday, December 12, 2005

"The most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh."
Robert Ludlum


  1. Wow! Coincidence!:-)

    As I wore my ear-hangings today I was thinking what jewels can teach us?
    And I was thinking how jewels are like people...

    Like for ex:- Take a gold necklace bedecked with stones....

    At first instance, a person visiting shop loves the necklace or bangle or ring by face value. But he/she buys it only after getting the goldsmith scrub the jewel on stone to check if it is pitthlai or thangam(brass or gold)

    So goes for us humans..we associate initally by face value...but ultimately we all seek to attach to a person on the soul level or conenct to the hearts....

    The worth of a jewel or human being is just not how it looks like or how humans build an image for themselves and want everyone to identify them reality it is the weight n the inner qualities...

    Interesting..U suddenly seem like a mind reader..

    oh BTW coincidence tht I took time to wear some ear-hangings today as we have a team lunch today and were given dress codes...(trust me female dress code is hell!!)

    Wish me bon apetite..m off now!


    Smiles etc.,


  2. I forgot to add..R.Ludlum is one of my favourites:-)

  3. It's pure coincidence, ma'm. No mindreader here ;-)

    It not simply that people say "Gem of a person". One has to earn it.

    Robert Ludlum - Me only little know. I have just seen the movie versions of the Bourne Trilogy. Matt Damon was just too good.

    Btw, Ensoy your lunch....