Friday, September 23, 2005

"If you can measure what you speak of and express it by a number, you know something about your subject; but if you cannot measure it, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory"


  1. Arun:

    Oh God(Var(X)),:p So I dunno the value of X exactly;-) I am doomed.

    Smiles etc.,


  2. hmmmmmm..... the answer is 42!! ;o)

    and you don't really want to know the question do you?? :o)

  3. My 5 paise worth of gyan:
    Keep searching...Have fun while doing it...we may never know the answer... even if we come across the answer we may not recognise it...

    As for the thought, applying it to practical scenarios will do immense good.

    But, don't even try applying it to ideal (read: GODly) scenarios. We are playing with infinity here.

    infinity + 5 = infinity
    infinity + 42 = infinity
    infinity * infinity = infinity

    what sort of maths is this...
    all measurable rules fail here..

    there is one clue though,
    infinity * 0 = 0

    ;-)..he he... i think i confused u enough